Scholarship Grant


  1. Academic Scholarship
    The school offers scholarship grants to incoming learners who are:
        Rank 1 of the batch/Grade level – 100% free tuition only b. Rank 2 of the batch/Grade level – 50% free tuition only
  2. Mother Ignacia Scholarship
    This is financial assistance is granted to learners who have the capacity to continue their studies yet in need of financial resources.
  3. Alumni Scholarship

    This aid is given to a child of an alumni parent with verified financial need.

  4. Tuition Discounts
    Aside for the discounts to full payment of all fees for the whole year or semestrally, tuition discounts are also given to the following:
       a. Parents with three legitimate children and more are entitled to the following tuition fee discounts.
           1.) 3rd child   -  5%
           2.) 4th child   - 10%
           3.) 5th child   - 15%
        b. Personnel discount
            Financial assistance is given to children of tenured faculty and staff of the school
            Policy on Scholarships other than Rank 1 and Rank 2
      1​. Grantees:
                 a.  have a general average and per subject grade of not lower than 82%
                 b.  belong to a percentile rank of not lower than 40% in the entrance examinations administered by the Guidance office.
                 c.  be of good moral character as certified by the school where the learner graduated.
             d. not have any record of violation of the School Rules and regulations based on the records of the Prefect of students (for old learners)
          2. Application form for Mother Ignacia and Alumni scholarship can be obtained from Registrar’s Office during enrollment period. Applicants will be scheduled for interview. Scholarship grant is effective for one school year only but can be applied again.



The ESC is a major program of the Government Assistance to Students and Teachers in Private Education (GASTPE), which provides financial assistance to learners’ tuition fee in private schools. eligible Grade 7 learners would receive a fixed annual subsidy through 4 years of high school.

The provision of ESC grants starts at Grade 7 level. It covers four years of (continuous education) junior high school, from Gr. 7 to 10. The grant is renewable for the next school year if the learner passed all the subjects and is promoted to the next grade level and enrolls in the same school. The grant will be terminated for the following reasons:

  1. If the learner drops out for non-health reason in the middle of the school year.

  2. If the learner does not apply for an official leave and does not re-enroll the following school year.

  3. If the learner is retained at the same grade level or not promoted to the next higher grade level.

  4. If the learner is suspended for more than 2 weeks or is dismissed or expelled by the school for disciplinary reasons.

  5. If the learner transfers to a non-ESC participating school